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Wold’s Best Wax- Black Edition

The “Black Edition” Wax is designed to provide lustre and depth beyond the imagination. It has been formulated for the everyday auto enthusiast and makes the application process effortless. Similar to the Connoisseur Auto Wax, World’s Best Wax contains 80% (our highest level every, by volume) of white Refined Brazilian Carnauba, Montan Oils, Organic Oils […]

IGL Coatings Kenzo

Autobahn Auto Salon has been using the IGL Coatings system, and has been loving the results for the vehicles that we service! Today I want to tell you about the Kenzo line. Kenzo is a revolutionary paint protection coating that contains 100% silica. This provides the highest level of gloss and protection for your beloved car! […]

Client Testimonial

Frank, I want to thank you and your guys for helping me out last month at Speed-O-Rama. I was a little late getting a few of the components on the Ford and the paint finish was a bit of an afterthought. I still can’t believe how quickly you guys got things done. Regardless, the paint […]

The Gazette

Product from Toronto’s World’s Best Wax helps maintain an automobile’s finish rank Duarte’s high-quality, premium World’s Best Wax contains higher-than-standard amounts of carnauba wax, separating itself from mass-produced recipes that are overflowing with silicone. Now, the Toronto-based entrepreneur brings us the Surface Refresher, a spray-on product that intensifies the car’s finish between wax applications. Featuring […]

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    Porsche 911 Turbo💦 Received Our 2 Stage Paint Correction And Coated Top To Bottom With Our 10H Ceramic Coating!!
    Brand New 2018 Porsche Panamera!! Received Our 2 Stage Paint Correction And Topped With Our 10H Ceramic Coating💧
    Before/After for This Mercedes GL 350. Engine Bay Degreased & Shampooed To Perfection!!
    Lexus LC 500!!! Received Our Mini Detail. What A Beast💨
    This Beast Received Our Full Detail Top To Bottom 🍑
    Corvette Z06!!! Received Our Meticulous Wash And Topped With Our Worlds Best Wax Treatment.
    BMW X5!!! Received Our 3 Stage Paint Correction And Coated With Our 10H Ceramic Coating. Amazing Depth❗️
    Porsche GT3‼️Received Our 3 Stage Paint Correction And Coated Top To Bottom With Our 10H Ceramic Coating.
    Brand New Range Rover Velar!!! Received Full Ceramic Tint, Full Front End PPF And Finished With Our 10H Ceramic Coating.

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