World’s Best Wax- Black Edition


The “Black Edition” Wax is designed to provide lustre and depth beyond the imagination. It has been formulated for the everyday auto enthusiast and makes the application process effortless plus.

Similar to the Connoisseur Auto Wax, World’s Best Wax contains 80% (our highest level every, by volume) of white Refined Brazilian Carnauba, Montan Oils, Organic Oils and Ultra Violet protection including an Anti-Static agent. This concentration of Carnauba allows the wax to be applied in larger sections which is beneficial when waxing larger vehicles, boats, and RV’s, but still provides the same sheen and depth. The Black Edition Wax is silicone and petroleum free. It is environmentally friendly, never leaves your typical white residue, and will never stain your mouldings white.

Multiple layers of Collector Wax will provide extra depth, shine and protection without buildup or hazing. The use of World’s Best Wax “Surface Cleanse” or “Clay Cleanse” or a combination of both, before your wax application will enhance the depth and clarity of the finish. Surface or Clay Cleanse will remove any pollution buildup and old petroleum based waxes from the surface prior to waxing.