Client Testimonial


I want to thank you and your guys for helping me out last month at Speed-O-Rama.
I was a little late getting a few of the components on the Ford and the paint finish was a bit of an afterthought. I still can’t believe how quickly you guys got things done.
Regardless, the paint finish ended up looking fantastic.
Now I know why I use your stuff on the rest of my cars.

Thanks Again,

The Gazette

Product from Toronto’s World’s Best Wax helps maintain an automobile’s finish

Frank Duarte’s high-quality, premium World’s Best Wax contains higher-than-standard amounts of carnauba wax, separating itself from mass-produced recipes that are overflowing with silicone.

Now, the Toronto-based entrepreneur brings us the Surface Refresher, a spray-on product that intensifies the car’s finish between wax applications.
Featuring more of that heralded carnauba content, the product does not contain any alcohol or silicone, has a non scratching formula and will effectively clean light dust, water spots, bird droppings, glass or chrome