Kenzo is a revolutionary paint protection coating that contains 100% silica providing the highest level of gloss and protection and is backed by an official warranty provided by IGL Coatings and supported by certified IGL Coatings Master Applicator. It forms a layer of thick coating that radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscence of a bespoke wax while providing unmatched protection. Running your hands across a Kenzo coated car is like touching the soft luxurious silk. It will never be the same again.

  • 100% silica content, 0% solvent creating a thick film build
  • Crosslinks and full cures to hardness of up to 10H (pencil scale)
  • Backed by an official warranty provided by IGL Coatings and supported by certified IGL Coatings Master Applicator
  • Water contact angle that surpasses 120º and retaining close to this angle for a long period
  • First coating to provide a texture similar to soft luxurious silk that rivals bespoke wax
Improved formulation to increase the resistance of water spotting on coated vehicles
  • Extremely durable lasting up to 4 years

Self Cleaning

Kenzo’s self cleaning effect is thanks to its amazing hydrophobicity which comes from the coating’s ability to create a very low surface tension. Dust, dirt, tree saps and contaminants will only sit on top of the coated surface and gets washed off easily with water. Contaminants that does manage to attach to the coatings are removed easily without the need to use any aggressive mechanical process.
It took us a whole year to develop Kenzo that is able to truly bring out a rich and natural gloss on the paintwork. The combination of a skilled Master Paint Correction and Kenzo is the ultimate combination that make heads turn when you drive your Kenzo coated vehicle along a busy street.
Protection from Bugs and Bird Poop
Dead bugs and bird poops are the bane of all paint. They are highly acidic and if left long enough, it will cause permanent damage to your paint. Traditional waxes and sealants are unable to protect against them. What happens is when they dries under the heat of the sun and when moisture is added back to them, the etching process begins on your paint. With Kenzo, dead bugs and bird poops are no longer able to damage the paintwork due to the high acid resistance of Kenzo.

Marring Resistance

Marring happens when you wash, dry, or touch your paint.  The marring we are talking about here are very fine and are also referred to as “swirls”. As these marring build up, they reduce the gloss level of the paint significantly. These marring does not allow a direct passage of the light through the clear coat which is the cause of a dulled appearance to your paint. IGL Kenzo is proven to resist these marrings when properly maintained and cared for. During the lifetime of Kenzo, it is crucial for your vehicle to be maintained by your Authorized Kenzo Installer or train you in the proper wash techniques.


Ecocoat Quartz IGL Coating ecocoat quartz is a revolutionary product formulated with our propriety modified silica. It is our hardest coating and yet does not emit any foul chemical odour. An average car paint hardness in the range of 3-4H, ecocoat quartz is a 9H rated coating that is capable of adding additional 4H, increasing the paint resistance against scratches, marring and dullness. The hardness of the coating protects the paint with a much slower degradation during daily use, thus protecting the master results of a perfectionist paint correction.

Autobahn Ecocoat Window Treatment

Ecocoat window is formulated specially for the windows for a super water repellent surface and water spots prevention with high wiper wear resistance. This allows for a safe driving condition during heavy rain, as the rainwater will roll off at 50km/h. Not only does it repel rain, but also dirt and it lets your windows defrost much faster and easier.

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