LHR 15 Mark III

Random Orbital Polisher

The number one choice for detailers around the world thanks to the perfect balance of power and maneuverability. The LHR15 Mark III refines the BigFoot random orbital platform to its ultimate form with a 15mm orbit, 5 inch backing plate, and numerous ergonomic and feature improvements. While the LHR21 is the tool that put RUPES on the map in the USA, the LHR15 has become the most popular choice for detailing professionals.

ø Backing Pad mm-in 125 – 5″
ø Orbit mm-in 15 – 19/32″
Power Watt 500
R.P.M. 3000 – 5200
Weight kg-lbs 2.6 – 5.73
Speed Control
Progressive Trigger
Spindle Thread M8-F
Backing Pad Supplied 980.027N
Electrical Cord m – ft 9 – 29.6