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Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent repair or PDR is a fairly new process to the public although it has been in use since the 1940’s.

Dent Repair:

The PDR process is done through careful manipulation of the sheetmetal from the backside with special tools. This is possible today because of thinner sheetmetal and high flexibilty of urethane based paints. Highly skilled technicians can reach almost any part of the vehicle including hoods, roofs and door panels. The dent is then “massaged” back to its original position without damaging the finish. Most dents can be repaired that are caused by door dings, hail, golf balls and shopping carts, from the size of coins to many inches wide.

PDR is otherwise known as paintless dent repair. This is a process used by technicians to remove small dents from the vehicle without having to use paint or bondo on the vehicle.  The technicians apply pressure and leverage to the backside of the panel and massage or work the dents out keeping the very valuable factory paint intact.  There is no sanding, or body fillers or painting involved


Pricing varies depending on the severity of the area in need of repair. Dent repair starts at $99. In fact, most repairs are lower than your deductible, eliminating an insurance claim! Feel free to give us a call for an estimate. Autobahn can also supply estimates from an e-mailed picture of the damage on your vehicle.

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Lease Return Reconditioning

In need to recondition your car?
Well this package will do just about any repair you can think of.

From paint chips, nicks, scratches and bumper scuffs, we can recondition your car quickly and easily with Paint Touch-Up.


Repair paint chips, nicks, scratches and bumper scuffs quickly and easily with Paint Touch-Up.

We fix bumper repairs where it is not necessary to paint the full bumper using a 2-pack paint system for perfect paint matching and adhesion.

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Headlight Restoration

autobahn headlight restoration

If your headlight is hazy, come bring it to our Salon and we will fix it. After this treatment, your headlights will look crystal clear.


Headlight Restoration Treatment

Package Details:
-Water-sand 1500 and 2500
-Compound 2 stage
-application of polymer sealant

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Xpel Transparent Bra

Add an extra layer of protection for your car with an XPEL Transparent bra.


A topcoat is a layer of generally stiffer material laminated to a flexible urethane film base. Current topcoats make PPFs more difficult to install and weather poorly over time. There can be separation at the boundary, causing crazing and stress cracking, which really affects the appearance.

Nano-Fusion Technology infuses the urethane film with clear penetrating protection. Nano-Fusion PPF is more conformable, easier to install, retains its gloss, and resists yellowing and cracking better than other films on the market.


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